Past Presidents

We are trying to create this new section to pay tribute to the OSOMS "Founders"--Identifying past presidents.

Dr. Jerry Becker is retiring after 50 years of practice, including serving the profession from 1975-77 as OSOMS President.

We encourage past presidents and those of you with knowledge of them to share their names and years of service with us. Contact us ( so we can fill this section with our champions.


Salute to Retiring OSOMS Member | Past President (1975-1977)

Dr. Jerry Becker, DDS, MS.                     

I served as president of OSOMS from 1975-77. At that time, dental extractions and impacted third molars were covered under OHIP benefits. Needless to say, there was pressure from patients and dentists to have these procedures performed in the hospital where OR times were limited and where the OHIP fee schedule was somewhat modest compared with the oral surgery fee schedule.   I therefore negotiated with the Ontario Dental Association to have these procedures, on healthy patients, delisted from the OHIP benefits schedule. This removed the pressure on oral surgeons to do these procedures on healthy patients in a hospital setting, ultimately setting the scene for extractions and impacted teeth to be done within the efficient and safe confines of our own surgical clinics and at a more realistic fee schedule. In effect we became masters in our own house. Thank you for the OSOMS’ Salute on news of my retirement.  When past OSOMS presidents retire from practice, they should be recognized at an OSOMS dinner meeting for their contributions to the speciality. I can think of two former OSOMS presidents who would qualify; Namely Dr. Howard Philips and Dr. Paul Chapnick.  

Respectfully,  Jerry Becker DDS, MS.


1965-1966 Dr. Bob Marshal
1966-1969 Dr. Howard Phillips
1969-1971 Dr. Simon Weinberg
1971-1973 Dr. Paul Chapmick
1973-1975 Dr. Vic Direnfeld
1975-1977 Dr. Jerome Becker
1977-1979 Dr. Gerald Baker
1979-1980 Dr. George White
1980-1981 Dr. William Prusin
1981-1982 Dr. Harry Hersh
1982-1983  Dr. Anthony Ballard
1983-1984 Dr. Ed Dore
1984-1985 Dr. Tim Johnson
1985-1986 Dr. Barry Harnett
1986-1987 Dr. Walter Dobrovolski
1987-1988 Dr. Peter Lamantia
1988-1989 Dr. Ford Moore
1989-1990 Dr. Howard Chung
1990-1991 Dr. Charles Minnett
1991-1992 Dr. David Wright
1992-1993 Dr. Grodecki
1993-1994 Dr. David Segal 

Dr. Charles L. Consky,

1995-1996 Dr. Stephen G. Fitch
1996-1997 Dr. David A. Walker 
1997-1998 Dr. David J. Psutka
1998-1999 Dr. Joseph Friedlich
1999-2000 Dr. Claudio Tocchio
2000-2001 Dr. John Gay
2001-2002 Dr. Jorge Sandor
2002-2003 Dr. Daniel Omura

Dr. Cameron Clokie

2004-2005 Dr. Eddie Reinish 
2005-2006 Dr. Gary Cousens
2006-2007 Dr. Marshall M. Freilich

Dr. Howard Holmes

2008-2009 Dr. Robert Eng

Dr. David Yarmand

2010-2011 Dr. Keyvan Abbaszadeh
2011-2012 Dr. Taylor McGuire
2012-2013 Dr. Daisy Chemaly
2013-2014 Dr. Brian Rittenberg
2014-2015 Dr. Fritz Keinle
2015-2016 Dr. Marco Caminiti
2016-2017 Dr. Bruce Pynn
2017-2018 Dr. Martin Jokay
2018-2019 Dr. Ian Furst

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